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19.2kWh Nano Battery 4kW Inverter Outback SystemEdge 420NC

19.2kWh Nano Battery 4kW Inverter Outback SystemEdge 420NC
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Watts 4kW Inverter; 19.2kWh NC Battery
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Product Code: SE-420NC


Power your entire residence on or off-grid with the Made in the USA Outback Cabin Series SystemEdge 420NC. The high capacity Nano-carbon battery holds up to 19.2 kWh of energy at 100% depth-of-discharge or 9.6 kWh at 50% DOD. Combined with the FLEXpower Radian inverter system to deliver 4 kW of continuous power per second and up to 8.5 kW of instantaneous burst power. This all-in-one power management battery storage package is designed for modest power and energy storage requirement off-grid applications. The SystemEdge Cabin Series is perfect for modest-load permanent residences or off-grid weekend cabins. Featuring the FLEXpower Radian (FPR-4048A) and 8 EnergyCell 200 Nano-Carbon (NC) batteries, the SE-420NC is ideal for smaller power applications-including homes, cabins, remote communication sites and backup power systems where frequent partial or incomplete charge and discharge of batteries occurs. The Cabin Series delivers enough power and storage to support a typical load profile made up of a continuously running refrigerator, 10 lights, ceiling fan, computer, and a well pump. Designed for convenience, value and flexibility, the SystemEdge pre-bundled packages take the guesswork out of selecting the right combination of power electronics and energy storage. The Outback Power SystemEdge 420NC package includes a factory pre-wired and tested 4kW FLEXpower Radian, EnergyCell 200NC batteries, 2-shelf Integrated Battery Rack (IBR), FLEXware ICS Plus combiner box, OPTICS RE web enabled monitoring and control, and all necessary connection hardware. The FLEXpower Radian is a fully pre-wired and pre-configured 4,000 watt (4kW), 120 to 240VAC, inverter-charger system for grid-tied or stand-alone off-grid backup power. This single unit operates as a power inverter, battery charger, and system monitor. Programmable for seven different operational modes with generator assist. These operating modes include GridZero technology which blends utility power and stored renewable energy, minimizing grid dependence in areas where incentives are changing and utility sell-back is limited. It provides precise balancing between using stored energy, solar and utility power, blending-in the latter to overcome surges and load spikes. Outbacks advanced technology also allows for remote system control and monitoring available through any internet-enabled device with OPTICS RE. Quality and reliability from Outback Power assures customers receive the best technologies for renewable energy systems in the market today. Simply hang the system on the wall with included brackets, make the necessary connections, and the SE-420NC system is fully operational. Order online or PHONE 888-498-3331

PARTS LIST - Product Features
  • All-in-one package delivers up to 4,000 Watts of continuous power, up to 20 kWh per cycle
  • Battery storage for 3 to 5 days without utility grid or sunshine
  • Save 50% compared to equivalent Tesla Powerwall and inverters
  • Can be installed by anybody... DIY homeowner, handyman, or contractor
  • Can be added to retrofit existing grid-tied PV solar array
  • 4kW continuous power from FLEXpower Radian inverter-charger FPR-4048
  • 20kWh Outback EnergyCELL Nano-Carbon NC batteries for peak or off-grid backup power
  • Nano-Carbon NC batteries can maximize cycle life by up to 44% versus traditional deep cycle batteries
  • Integrated 2-shelf battery rack fits underneath the FLEXpower Radian
  • FLEXware ICS PV Combiner Box for each connection
  • OPTICS RE System monitoring and control
  • Accept input from multiple power sources, solar panels, utility grid, wind turbine, gas generator
  • Made in the USA, factory tested, pre-wired and pre-configured for fast installation
  • Integrated load center can save up to a half day of labor
  • Over-current protection on each battery string provides added safety and flexibility
  • Advanced Grid/Hybrid technology allows for grid-interactive and stand-alone capability in one unit
  • Lifetime 24/7 monitoring system
  • GridZero technology minimizes grid dependence and optimizes the balance between stored and renewable energy sources
  • Qualifies for 30% PV solar tax credits and rebates
  • Certifications ETL, UL1741

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