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Latest information about solar energy in Alaska featuring solar panels, solar power and electricity. Alaska is the largest state in the union. With a population around 600,000, there is a massive amount of open spaces suitable for solar energy generation. Although Alaska is the coldest state, plenty of sunlight still hits the state making Alaska solar energy a viable option. There is a 3-month period in the winter months when daylight hours are short and there is a low angle of solar radiation. However, to offset the winter darkness, Alaska enjoys long hours of summer which are perfect for taking advantage of solar energy.

Alaska solar panel installation will greatly reduce your energy bills and keep your money where it belongs – in your wallet. There are federal and state solar rebates and incentives available to lower home solar installation costs. Often the immediate increase in home value is enough to offset most solar installation costs..

Not only do Alaska solar panels save you money, they also save the environment. Clean solar energy helps decrease the burning of fossil fuels, which emit harmful pollutants into the atmosphere impacting our public health, water and all the ecosystems we depend on. Alaska solar power is renewable, which means we are in no danger of depleting its resources.

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