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Astronergy Solar Panels

Astronergy offers a wide range of efficient and reliable monocrystalline PV modules with output ranging from 85 watts to 310 watts, polycrystalline modules with output ranging from 130 watts to 295 watts. Cost effective for all types of photovoltaic installations including residential, business, community or government projects. Astronergy solar panels are UL certified, with 25 year performance warranty and qualify for energy tax credits and solar rebates.

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255W solar panel Astronergy CHSM6610PR-255 poly
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Solar Panel, 235 watt, Astronergy CHSM6610P
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255W solar panel Astronergy CHSM6610P-255 poly
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Astronergy Solar Panel CHSM6610P-245
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Solar Panel, 190 watt, Astronergy CHSM5612M Black
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Solar Panel, 285 watt, Astronergy CHSM6612P
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TUV Testing for Degradation in Extreme Conditions

Astronergy mono and polycrystalline modules have passed the industry-leading Potential Induced Degradation (PID) test conducted by TUV Rheinland. PID is an effect that leads to significant power output decline of PV modules under the condition of negative bias voltage, high temperature and increased humidity. During the test, PV modules from Astronergy were assessed after being exposed to -1000 V at a temperature of 85 degrees C and relative humidity of 85% for 96 hours. Astronergy's PV modules exhibited less than 1.4% degradation result, which is below the TUV standard of not exceeding 5%, the company says.

Advanced Solar Technology

Astronergy specializes in cutting-edge research, development and production of solar panels. It is the first large scale producer of high-efficiency thin film PV modules in mainland China, and has been a trusted provider of monocrystalline and polycrystalline PV modules since its founding in 2006.

Technology Driven, Quality Focused

Technology is the heart of Astroenergy. While pushing solar power towards grid parity, it also drives quality management system. Thin film experts have brought Astronergy a-Si /µc-Si thin film PV to an efficiency rate of greater than 9%. The time, the effort, and the expertise invested in the development of technologies allows state of the art solar panels unparalleled in quality.

A Complete PV Product Line

Astroenergy is a provider of monocrystalline modules, polycrystalline modules, and high efficiency a-Si/µc-Si tandem junction thin film modules. It has one of the most complete PV product lines in the world.

System-wide Solutions

In collaboration with its parent company, the Chint Group, Astronergy provides not only top-of-the-line solar modules, but also complete BOS components including inverters, array combiner boxes, DC protection, AC protection, and transformers. This has enabled the company to become the first in the industry to provide customizable PV solutions to satisfy a variety of photovoltaic needs, all from a single source.

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