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Sunnova Energy Corporation Acquires BrightGrid

Sunnova Energy Corporation announced in May, 2013 the acquisition of Brightgrid's residential solar lease assets and customers. Sunnova intends to grow its portfolio through additional solar asset and customer acquisitions. Sunnova Energy Corporation is an asset focused company that offers a long-term, low-cost electricity option to homeowners. Sunnova customers make a fixed monthly payment for power, similar to an electricity bill, but with lower costs locked in for years to come. This low-cost electric service is delivered through a Sunnova owned solar system that is installed on a homeowners rooftop. providing customers care-free electricity at a low price for many years to come. Sunnova is available to homeowners in more states than any other provider, with service in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico Texas and Washington, D.C.



BrightGrid Solar Lease

BrightGrid is a financial services company that provides homeowners with a solar energy equipment lease that makes switching to solar energy affordable, easy and hassle-free. BrightGrid provides a financing solution that allows homeowners to lease solar energy systems, instead of having to buy the equipment and pay for the installation upfront. This enables homeowners to save on their electricity bill through clean solar power, without having to deal with the burden of a significant upfront cost. System design standards require the highest quality equipment, materials and system integration. This provides customers with the assurance of system reliability in addition to: Reduced upfront capital requirement, Potential cost savings versus existing electricity bills, Reduced exposure to rising electricity prices, Convenience associated with point-of-sale financing. BrightGrid also consolidates all available incentives, and passes the convenience on to the homeowner in the form of scheduled monthly payments over the term of the lease.

Sanyo, Panasonic Partner With BrightGrid For Solar Financing

In 2011, SANYO North America Corporation introduced new solar lease programs, which helps homeowners with financing SANYO Solar Panel and Panasonic Solar Panel Systems. SANYO is working with BrightGrid Solar to offer various financial programs that will give homeowners the power to choose the way they want to pay for their electricity costs. Currently, the program is available in select states: California, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, and Hawaii and is expected to roll out in additional states. As a leading provider of solar panels worldwide for over 30 years, SANYO is known for its solar PV panels’ high density of power per square foot and for superior performance in real world installations. SANYO grows silicon ingots and makes wafers in its own factories in California and Oregon.

The three solar lease options available to install SANYO or Panasonic quality solar panels include:

  • Zero Money Down - With no upfront out of pocket expense, homeowners can reduce their current monthly electricity payment by becoming a clean energy generator.
  • Prepaid Lease - Customers may opt to prepay their solar lease payments for the next 20 years and enjoy the benefits of leasing without the hassles of system ownership.
  • Variable Upfront Payment Lease - Customers may choose to put some money upfront to further reduce their monthly electric bill and switch to clean energy. With this option, customers choose their level of savings.

BrightGrid was created in 2009 with a team that brings several decades of experience in the solar energy, conventional energy and financial services industries. BrightGrid is currently serving the California community but is intent on making solar energy accessible and affordable across the nation. Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining a BrightGrid solar energy system lease where you live and we will keep you updated on our plans to offer the BrightGrid Lease in your state and city.

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