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Choose a Brand / Watts Efficiency Price $ per watt
275 watt CSUN Silver poly 16.94% $190 $0.69
280 watt Peimar Poly Black 17.21% $200 $0.71
290 watt Q.Cells Mono Black 17.40% $225 $0.78
310 watt Peimar Mono Black 19.05% $245 $0.79
315 watt Q.Cells Mono Black 18.70% $250 $0.79
330 watt Peimar Poly XL 17.00% $220 $0.66
330 watt Solaria Mono All Black 19.30% $310 $1.00
335 watt LG MonoX NeON2 19.60% $370 $1.07
340 watt Hansol Mono XL 17.05% $250 $0.74
355 watt Jinko Mono XL 18.31% $275 $0.77
370 watt Silfab Mono XL 19.00% $335 $0.91
375 watt LG Mono XL 19.10% $350 $0.93

Choose a Kit Size Price $ per watt
4 kW Solar Kits $5,200 $1.15
5 kW Solar Kits $6,000 $1.12
6 kW Solar Kits $7,000 $1.08
8 kW Solar Kits $8,800 $1.08
9 kW Solar Kits $10,000 $1.06
10 kW Solar Kits $11,600 $1.12
12 kW Solar Kits $13,400 $1.10
15 kW Solar Kits $16,600 $1.10
20 kW Solar Kits $22,000 $1.08
25 kW Solar Kits $27,000 $1.07
100 kW Solar Kits $96,000 $0.96

The Lowest Cost Solar Panel Systems

FreeCleanSolar has the lowest cost for solar panel systems. We beat other solar companies with 42% lower prices on average. This is based on real-world projects reported by SolarCity, Sunpower, Verengo, REC, Vivant and others. That translates to savings of $13,000 for the average 6.6kW PV system with full service installation.

Don't pay more than you have to. Unlike the other guys, we offer a choice of top-brand solar panels, inverters and components to meet your needs. You still get all the tax credits and rebates, valid manufacturer warranties, a professionally designed system and technical support. Plus, we offer a choice of installation methods. You can DIY do-it-yourself, hire your own contractor or let us shop the market to have local solar installers compete for your business.

Find all types of solar panel kits to meet your power needs

Grid-Tied Solar Panels Grid-interactive systems are perfect for residential or commercial properties connected to a utility. Use solar power from the Sun by day and your electric meter can spin backwards, then use the utility grid at night. Browse Kits
Off-grid Power Off-grid systems are designed for anywhere utility power is unreliable or unavailable. Remote homes, cabins or for small, dedicated power sources with no grid connection. Off-grid PV kits use solar panels and batteries to power lights, pumps, security cameras and more. Browse Kits
Hybrid On-grid, Off-grid Solar Power Also called AC-coupled or DC-coupled, hybrid systems can deliver power during either on-grid or off-grid conditions. The systems have solar panels with a battery setup. Never be without power when you get energy from the Sun, the utility company or the batteries. Browse Kits
Emergency Backup Power Continuous power kits provide backup electricity for an emergency or in the event of a utility grid power outage. Browse Kits

Eliminate Electric Utility Bills

Are you tired of paying ever-increasing utility bills? Did you know that solar power costs less than buying electricity from the utility company? The price of electricity keeps going up every year, but solar power has never been more affordable. A solar panel system will generate electricity at your home or business for more than 25 years. That's why today's proven reliable products come with a 25 year warranty from the manufacturer.

An accurate way to evaluate solar power is to compare the upfront investment with the long-term cost of monthly electricity bills. For example, if you spend $200 per month, that means you will spend about $82,000 over 25 years once you factor in the annual price inflation. Instead, as a savvy consumer you buy solar panels to eliminate those monthly electric bills. You could save $60,000 or more in electricity bills over the system lifetime. Say hello Sun; goodbye utility rate hikes!

In addition to saving money, there are other benefits when making your own energy. First, solar power is a clean, healthy and renewable resource that does not emit greenhouse gases or harm the environment; there is no danger of running out of Sunshine. Another benefit is that a system will increase the value of your property. Like any home improvement, solar panels will make your property more attractive to potential buyers.

There are several incentives available today to help reduce the cost. First, there is a 30% renewable energy tax credit available from the federal government through 2020. That means for every $1,000 you spend, you may qualify for a $300 income tax credit. Plus, many states offer cash rebates, tax credits or renewable energy credits (SRECs) to provide even more solar savings. When your PV system generates more electricity than is needed, net-metering means that extra power can be sold back to the utility company. Yes, your electric meter can spin backwards!

At Free Clean Solar you can research, compare and buy the latest solar panels and components at low wholesale prices from more than 500 solar manufacturers. With more than 20,000 renewable energy products, we can uniquely provide you with an unbiased recommendation for the right system at the lowest cost. We will even design a complete solar panel system for you, and be available for lifetime technical support, free of charge!

Helping people go solar since 2007, our expert support reps are happy to answer your questions to determine if solar power makes dollars and sense for you. Call 888-498-3331 or email us today!

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