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Florida Solar

This is your online resource for the latest information about clean, renewable solar power in Florida. Discover how much solar panels cost in your city, compare installers and qualify for Florida rebates.

If Florida is known for one thing - it is sunshine. Plentiful sunshine hits the state every day, so why take advantage of it? The Sunshine State is an ideal location for home solar panel installation. The warm and sunny climate makes it one of the best places in America for generating clean solar power. Florida solar power is available year-round and even the cloudiest days can provide plenty of clean Florida solar energy.

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Clean solar power helps the environment and benefits the unique plants and wildlife that call Florida home. Converting to Florida solar power lessens dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels and the harmful pollutants they emit into our atmosphere. In fact, for every house that installs Florida solar panels, an equivalent of 350,000 pounds of harmful emissions are prevented from entering the air we breathe.

If you believe Florida solar panels are out of your price range, think again. Just like the sunshine, Florida solar rebates and incentives are abundant. More than likely, your Florida solar panel system will pay for itself in a few short years, but the energy savings will last a lifetime. Clean solar power is a viable and cost-effective option for almost all Floridians.

Often, home solar panel systems will generate too much electricity. Through net metering, Floridians can sell the extra power back to the utility company. If you would like to see your electric meter spin backwards, Florida solar power is the way to make that happen. How sweet it is to receive a check from your power company instead of a bill.


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