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Georgia Solar

This is your online resource for the latest information about clean, renewable solar power in Georgia. Discover how much solar panels cost in your city, compare installers and qualify for Georgia rebates.

Georgia is in the top ten states with the greatest energy potential from clean solar power. In fact, Georgia receives almost as much yearly average solar radiation as Florida. All this sunshine is FREE for the taking, so why not use Georgia solar energy to power your home?

Georgia has one of the highest rates of electricity generation and consumption in the nation. It relies heavily on coal which emits all sorts of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere. Georgia solar power can decrease the reliance on dirty fossil fuels for electricity needs. Georgia solar energy is clean, plentiful and renewable. Home solar panels provide electricity year-round. Even the cloudiest days provide plenty of clean Georgia solar power. Georgia residents are fortunate to enjoy lower electricity rates than other states, but rates are rapidly increasing each year.

A common misconception is that home solar panels are too expensive. The cost of Georgia solar panels has decreased 40 percent within the last few years and continues to drop. Plus, plenty of Georgia solar panel rebates and incentives are available to offset solar installation costs. Many home solar panel systems pay for themselves within a few years, but the energy savings lasts a lifetime.

Solar financing is available to allow homeowners to convert to clean solar for $0 down. Please visit our Financing page for more details. We will fit you with an excellent Georgia solar power system that will suit all your requirements perfectly.

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