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Training for Solar Power and Green Jobs

The green energy and renewable power industry are the next great American growth engine Whether it's solar PV, wind or smart-grids, there are training programs and jobs available for qualified professionals with sales, marketing, project management, financial or electrical, HVAC, plumbing, roofing or general contractor installation skills.

What is a green-collar job?

According to Time magazine, a green-collar job has three characteristics:

  1. Pays decent wages and benefits that can support a family
  2. Offers a long-term career path, with upward mobility
  3. Reduces waste and pollution to benefit the environment

Information Resources

Here are references to solar power training and green job resources.

  • Community Colleges - Many community colleges across the country are now offering solar training with PV design and installation classes. While the classes are relatively inexpensive, the quality varies and the duration of the solar training is over a period of several months. Not all classes are approved by NABCEP. Here is a list of Community Colleges to prepare for the NABCEP Entry Level Certificate of Knowledge Exam.
  • Boots on the Roof is the premier Wind and Solar Energy training provider in the United States, with the mission of training the next wave of Renewable Energy Contractors, Engineers, Architects, Sales Professionals and Business Entrepreneurs. The popular Solar Boot Camp is a 6 day intensive training program using a blended learning approach of instructor-led training, hands-on labs, and computer-based software tools. It teaches solar electric system design, installation, and safety procedures as well as business and industry topics important for business professionals new to photovoltaics. Courses are ideal for Licensed Contractors (Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Roofing, and General Contractors) who wish to reposition their businesses to bring Wind and Solar Power to their communities, and Fast growing companies looking to quickly train newly hired staff: sales professionals, project managers, engineers and designers.
  • ENF Solar Job site - ENF has expanded their offering to the Industry by adding a PV exclusive Jobsite! The jobsite lists employment opportunities in the PV Industry from all over the world.
  • Zander Green Recruiting - Search for green jobs coast-to-coast.
  • Environmental Defense Fund - Download the Green Jobs Guidebook with profiles of 200 green jobs.

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