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Iowa Solar Rebates

Iowa is the fourth largest wind power producer in the United States. The Hawkeye state does have plenty of sunshine to be an ideal state for solar installation. Iowa solar rebates can help reduce the cost of solar power.

To begin, the federal government provides a 30 percent Federal energy Tax Credit for the total cost of solar system installation. Iowa solar electric systems are exempt from property taxes so that 100% of the added property value cannot be taxed for five years. Off-grid and grid-tied solar kits are also exempt from state sales tax.

The Alternate Energy Revolving Loan Program (AERLP) provides funds for solar installation in Iowa. Through this program, the state will offer zero-percent interest solar loans, up to 50 percent of the cost of solar installation. Solar water heat, solar space heat, solar thermal electric and solar PV are among the eligible renewable resources.

Iowa is a net-metering state. Customers of Iowa Mid-American Energy and Alliant Energy – Interstate Power and Light (IPL) are eligible to be compensated for excess energy their home solar panels generate. Any unused electricity will be fed back into the grid and customers will be credited on their next bill. Net metering is available to anyone who generates electricity using solar energy, subject to system limits of 500 kW. This Iowa solar rebate enables your electric meter to actually run backwards!

Our solar experts will help you get all available Iowa solar rebates and discounts to ensure you maximize on your solar savings.

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