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Kentucky Solar Rebates

Kentucky solar rebates can lower solar installation costs to help you take advantage of all the good clean solar power. Kentucky offers a renewable energy tax credit for solar space and water heat and solar PV systems. Solar PV systems can receive $3 per Watt DC up to $500.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) customers In Kentucky can participate in the Green Power Switch Generation incentive. Commercial and home solar panel owners can sell 100% of their output to TVA for 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. TVA also provides an additional $500 incentive to help with initial solar installation costs for residential customers. Combine this with the 30 percent Federal Energy Tax Credit for the total cost of home solar installation for even greater savings.

A helpful Kentucky solar incentive is net-metering. All investor-owned utilities and electric co-ops are mandated to offer this. Customers with solar panel systems of 15kW or less are eligible to be credited for excess power they produce at the utility’s retail rate. This is a Kentucky solar rebate that enables your electric meter to run backward.

The solar experts at Free Clean Solar will work with you to obtain all available Kentucky solar rebates and discounts to ensure you get the biggest savings.

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