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You are here: Home > SOLAR PANELS > Manufacturers > Mitsubishi Solar Panels

Mitsubishi Electric Solar Panels

Mitsubishi Electric is a global manufacturer of photovoltaic modules and AC-DC inverters. Mitsubishi solar panels are available in sizes ranging from 125 watts, 175W and 180W and 265 watt modules. Mitsubishi Electric solar panels do not use lead solder resulting in eco-friendly solar power. The solar panels feature poly-silicon and monocrystalline solar cells and dark anodized aluminum frames with pre-drilled holes. Made in Japan, Mitsubishi Electric PV modules qualify for renewable energy tax credits and incentives. They are are US listed to UL-1703 with a 20 to 25 year limited warranty.

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180W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-MF180UD4 polycrystalline
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks

Our Price: $285.00
260W solar panel Mitsubishi PV-MLE260HD monocrystalline
Usually Ships in 2 to 3 Weeks

Our Price: $335.00

224W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-UJ224G6 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $336.00
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225W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-UJ225GA6 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $338.00
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225W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-UJ225GA6-D poly
Special Order

Our Price: $338.00
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170W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-MF170EB3 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $340.00
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170W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-MF170UD4 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $340.00
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175W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-MF175UD4 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $340.00
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170W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-UD170MF5 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $340.00
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175W solar panels Mitsubishi PV-UD175MF5 poly
Special Order

Our Price: $340.00
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about Mitsubishi Solar

Solar power is a clean way to generate electricity that's not only environmentally friendly, but economical, too. Mitsubishi Electric solar power products include photovoltaic solar panels that gather energy from the sun, and release it as electricity that can power your home or office.

Through solar power technology Mitsubishi is promoting widespread usage of renewable sources of energy. Installing a solar panels in your residence or business is something you can do right now to save on energy costs while helping protect the planet.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has been an industry leader since its 1921 founding. It has developed reliable photovoltaic power generation systems through wide-scale project involvement following the first commercial satellite in 1976. Mitsubishi manufactures its solar cells without solder coatings, using environmentally conscious composite materials for crystalline silicon photovoltaic cell surfaces and silver electrodes.

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a unique "Protection Bar" back-side solar panel. The combination of high-strength glass and Protection Bar can pass the static load test and steel ball drop-testing. Mitsubishi Solar Panels are designed to withstand strong impacts. Here are photos of solar panels holding a palate of bricks and a 1.18 pound steel ball dropped from 4 feet.

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