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NanoSolar Panels

Nanosolar is a leading manufacturer of cost-efficient thin film solar cells and panels. Nanosolar utilizes an industrial printing process to coat CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium, Selenium) and nanoparticle inks on low-cost aluminum foil in order to enable the industry lowest-cost solar cells and solar panels. The Nanosolar Utility Panel is the robust utility-grade solar panel designed for optimized BoS in high irradiance locations. The next-generation CIGS platform enables higher power conversion efficiency.

Nanosolar Winds Down Operations and Liquidates Assets

At one point Nanosolar was valued at $2 billion, and the company has taken in at least $450 million in investment since its start in 2002. Following layoffs and other struggles in 2012, Nanosolar announced in July 2013 that it is selling off its German panel assembly factory to an unnamed Swiss investor, and is holding an auction to sell off the rest of its technology assets.

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