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Nevada Panels

Solar panels collect all the free energy from the sun and convert it into electricity to power your Nevada home. Solar panels are made up of individual solar cells. When these solar cells are exposed to sunlight, the energy is converted into electrical energy (DC power) which can be used to power our homes and appliances. The typical Nevada solar panel system contains solar panels, an inverter and a battery charging system.

Homes are powered by AC (alternating current) power, therefore the DC power from solar panels is sent to an inverter that converts it into AC power. From the inverter, the AC power travels to the breaker box to provide power to your home.

Home solar panel systems have no moving parts. Once Nevada solar panels are installed, little to no maintenance is required. After solar installation, the only maintenance needed may be to occasionally clean home solar panels to remove any dust or debris. Nevada solar panels usually offer a warranty that lasts over twenty years. Rest assured that in the rare chance something happens, your residential solar system is covered.

Nevada solar panels are a sound investment. Solar energy enables homeowners to be energy independent and witness substantial savings on energy costs. There are also affordable solar chargers and generators available that produce solar power for less.

Not only are home solar panels friendly to your wallet, but they help the environment. Most of our current energy is obtained from burning fossil fuels. This emits harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases into the air. Clean solar installation can offset roughly 180,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 600 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 500 pounds of sulfur dioxide from being released into our atmosphere.

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