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Nevada Solar Rebates

Thanks to a variety of solar rebate programs available through the federal government, the state and local utilities, the actual cost of solar power is affordable for almost everyone in Nevada. Nevada solar rebates make it possible for home solar panels to pay for themselves in a few years.

To begin, the federal government offers a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit for the cost of home solar installation. The tax credit can be applied immediately and runs through 2016. Nevada solar panel systems are also exempt from property tax.

Nevada has authorized Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing which allows property owners to finance their Nevada solar panel system through a special assessment on the property. This Nevada solar incentive enables home owners to pay for their home solar panels over 20 years through slightly higher property taxes. Since not all cities participate in this Nevada solar rebate program, it’s best to contact your local government for more information.

Another Nevada solar rebate is the Renewable Generations Rebate Program run by NV Energy. This Nevada solar rebate is offered to solar, wind and hydro systems. Applications for this solar rebate quickly exceed supply, so it is best to check with NV Energy to see if they are accepting applications for a given year.

Net-metering is a Nevada solar rebate that actually can cause your electric meter to run backwards. With net-metering, if your home solar panels generate more electricity than you consume in a month, you will receive a credit on your next electric bill. Imagine how sweet it is to receive a check from your utility instead of a bill!

Qualified Nevada solar installers will ensure you receive all available Nevada solar rebates to maximize your clean solar savings. Contact us today for a free, no obligation home solar evaluation.

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