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Signet Solar Panels

Signet Solar was established in 2006 in Menlo Park, California. Signet Solar, a one-time maker of thin-film solar panels, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, more than two years after it shut down. They produced photovoltaic modules, and had manufacturing plants in India and Germany. The modules were made using thin film silicon technology. Signet made amorphous silicon panels using SunFab equipment produced by Applied Materials. Interest in amorphous silicon panels spiked back around 2005 when a shortage of poly-silicon, the main energy converting ingredient of traditional crystalline solar panels, sent the solar industry scrambling for alternatives. Amorphous silicon panels use a non-crystalline type of silicon. But they were never as efficient as crystalline panels and they always cost more than other types of thin-film panels. With plummeting prices of crystalline and other types of solar panels in the last several years, amorphous panels have not been able to compete.

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172W solar panel Signet S2 thin film

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