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Every component is included to get the job done:

  • New, UL test certified solar panels
  • Grid-ready inverter, optimizer or micro-inverters
  • Mounting system for roof and ground
  • Up to 30 year warranty
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Permit-ready building electrical plans
  • Step-By-Step installation instructions
  • Qualifies for 30% tax credit and state rebates
  • Delivered to your door in 1 to 3 weeks


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4 kW PV solar kit prices 5 kW PV solar kit prices 6 kW PV solar kit prices
7 kW PV solar kit prices 8 kW PV solar kit prices 9 kW PV solar kit prices
10 kW PV solar kit prices start at $11,600 12 kW PV solar kit prices start at $13,500 15 kW PV solar kit prices start at $16,700
20 kW PV solar kit prices start at $22,000 25 kW PV solar kit prices start at $27,200 30 kW PV solar kit prices start at $32,500
50 kW PV solar kit prices start at $53,500 60 kW PV solar kit prices start at $78,000 100 kW PV solar kit prices start at $96,000
1 mega-watt PV solar kit prices start at $800,000
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Learn About Solar Kits

Complete solar panel system kits that are the most energy efficient and reliable on the market today. Solar packages include everything you need to get your residential system up and running. Simply determine your required energy use and select the solar kit that is right for your home.

Free Clean Solar understands that transitioning to solar energy is no small task. It's difficult to decide what is the best solar array for you home, especially when faced with a wide variety of components and manufacturers. We believe this process should be as painless as possible. That is why we've done the research for you.

Understanding Grid Tie Solar Panel Kits

With the rising cost of energy prices, solar home kits have become increasingly popular. These grid-tie kits provide the essentials needed for setting up your home to receive supplemental power from the sun. Some things to consider regarding the usage of solar home kits include:

  • Decrease in your energy bills – some consumers report from a 50% decrease to complete elimination of their energy bills when using solar home kits to offset their energy consumption.
  • You get what you pay for. The wattage that you can harness generally increases with the amount you spend on your solar home kit. More expensive models have more solar panels.
  • These relatively inexpensive kits can save you significant amounts of money on your energy bill. A solar home kit is a great investment to supply your home with clean, renewable power.

Free Clean Solar can help you find and install the perfect solar kit for your home.

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