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Solar Manufacturer Brands

FreeCleanSolar.com offers the biggest selection of brands at wholesale solar prices. These manufacturers provide a 25 year warranty for panel performance. All our solar panels are UL listed, meet or exceed California CSI or Florida FSEC standards, qualify for energy tax credits and state solar rebates.

Comparison Shop 500 brands and 15,000 solar panels

Search for solar panels by manufacturer brand, model number, DC watts, price, cost per watt, availability, specifications, popularity or technology type including monocrystalline, polycrystalline, amorphous thin film, CIGS, BIPV, flexible, portable and more. We help you sort through all the options to make an informed choice. You get the most solar power for the lowest possible cost.

Review the Most Popular Solar Panels From These Top Companies

Astronergy GCL New Energy Jinko Panasonic Silfab SunTech
Axitec Hanwha LG Solar Peimar Solaria SunWize Power
Canadian Solar Heliene Lumos Phono Solar SolarTech Talesun
CSUN Hyundai MiaSole Q.CELLS SolarWorld Thaisun
ecoSolargy iTek Energy Mission Solar REC Solar Sunpower Trina
ET Solar Japan Solar Mitsubishi S-Energy Sunpreme Yingli
First Solar Longi


Follow these links to search all the solar companies listed at FreeCleanSolar.com

A10Green Technology
A2Peak Power
Aavid Solar
AblyTek Solar Panels
Abound Solar
AccuSolar Power
Advanced Renewable Energy
AEE Solar
Aide Solar
Aleo Solar Panels
Alfa Solar
Alps Solar
American Choice Solar
American Solar Wholesale
American Value Solar
Amerisolar Worldwide Energy Mfg
Anji Dasol Solar Energy
Anji Technology Solar
Antaris Solar
Apollo Solar Energy
APOS Energy
Applied Materials Solar
Applied Quantum Tech Solar
Applied Solar Panels
Armageddon Energy
Asola Solar Power
ASUN Energy
Atersa Solar Panels
Atlantis Energy Systems
Auria Solar Panels
Auxin Solar Panels
Avancis Solar Panels
AxunTek Solar Energy
Bangkok Solar Panels
Baoding Tianwei Solarfilms
Beijing Zhongkexin CETC Solar
BenQ Solar
Best Solar High-Tech
BIPV Solar Panels
BJ Penn Power Panels
Bluechip Energy
Bosch Solar Energy
BP Solar
Brightwatts Solar
BYD Energy
CA Solar Panels
Centennial Solar Panels
CentroSolar Panels
CertainTeed Apollo Solar
Changzhou Almaden Solar Panels
Changzhou Eging Photovoltaic
Changzhou Nesl Solartech
Chi Mei Energy
Chinalight Haoyu Photovoltaic
Chint Solar Zhejiang
Clean Source Energy
CNBM Solar Panels
CNPV Dongying Solar Power
Coleman Solar
Colored Solar Panels
Cosmos Energy Solar Panels
Costco Solar
CP Solar
Cuantum Solar Panels
Day4 Energy Solar Panels
DelSolar Panels
DJ Solar Panels
DMEGC Magnetics Solar Panels
DmSolar Panels
Dongfang Electric Yixing MAGI
Dow Solar
Du Pont Apollo Solar Panels
DuraComm Solar Panels
E-H Solar Panels
Eclipsall Energy
Econess Energy
Ecosol PV Tech
ENN Solar Energy
Enp Sonne Solar Technikk
EPV Solar Panels
ERA Solar Panels
ERA Solar Technology
Evergreen Solar
Exiom Solution Solar Panels
Fire Energy Solar Panels
Fluitecnik Solar Panels
Foxconn Solar Panels
Future Solar Energy
Galaxy Energy
Ganghang Solar Panels
GCL-Poly Energy
GE Solar Panels
General Energy Solutions
General Solar Power
Gintech Energy
Global Photovoltaic Technology
Global Solar
Global Sun
GlobalWatt Solar Panels
Gloria Solar Panels
Goal Zero
Grape Solar Panels
Green Energy Solar and Wind
Green Energy Technology Solar
Green Power Solar Panels
Greenbrilliance Energy
Greenlite Solar Panels
GS-Solar Panels
Guangdong Fivestar Solar Energy
Golden Glass Technologies
Guangyi Optical Energy
Guodian Jintech Solar Energy
Hangzhou AmpleSun Solar Technology
Hansol Technics Solar Panels
HC Solar Power
HelioVolt Solar Panels
Hengji PV-Tech Energy
HHV Solar Technologies
Himin Clean Energy
Home Depot
Honda Soltec Solar Panels
Innotech Solar Panels
Integrated Power
Inventec Energy
iTek Solar Panels
Jetion Solar Panels
Jiangsu Green Power PV
Jiangsu JiaSheng Photovoltaic
Jiangsu Prefersolar Photovoltaic
Jiangsu Runda PV
Sainty Machinery Solar Panels
Jiangsu Shunda PV-Tech
Jiangsu SunLink PV Technology
Jiangsu Wanfeng PV
Jiangyin Hareon Power
Jiangyin Jetion Science and Tech
Jiawei Solarchina
Jingao Solar Panels
Jinzhou Jinmao Photovoltaic Tech
Jiutai New Energy
Juli New Energy
Jumao Photonic
Kaneka Solar
KD Solar Panels
Kenmec Mechanical Engineering
Kenmos Photovoltaic
Kingdom Solar Energy
Kinve Solar Power
KISCO UniGlobe Solar Panels
Konca Solar Cell
Kyungwon Solar Panels
LDK Solar
Light Way
Lifeline Solar Energy
Ligitek Photovoltaic
LS Industrial Systems Solar
Lucky Power Technology
LUMA Solar Resources
Lumeta Solar Panels
Luxco Solar Panels
Luxor Solar Panels
Martifer Solar Panels
MCV Solar Technologies
Montech Solar Panels
Moser Baer Solar
Motech Solar Americas
MX Solar Panels
Nanjing Daqo New Energy
NanoSolar Panels
Nantong Qiangsheng Photovoltaic
NB Solar
Neo Solar Power
Nexpower Technology
Next Solar Systems
NICOR Solar Panels
Ningbo Best Solar Energy Technology
Ningbo Max Solar Panels
Ningbo QXPV Qixin Solar Panels
Ningxia Yinxing Energy Photovoltaic
Nu-Cell Technologies Solar
Nusun Solar Panels
Perfect Source Technology Solar Panels
Perfectenergy Solar Panels
Pevafersa America Solar Panels
Philadelphia Solar Panels
Perlight Solar
Photon Energy
Polar Photovoltaics
Powercom Solar Panels
Pythagoras Solar Panels
Realforce Solar Power
Renesola Solar Panels
Resonix Solar Panels
Risen Solar
Ritek Solar
Saint Gobain Solar Panels
Sanyo Solar
SEG PV Solar Panels
Semyung Electric Solar
Seraphim Solar Energy System
SET Solar Panels
Shandong Linuo Photovoltaic Hi-Tech
Shanghai Alex Solar Energy
Shanghai Chaori Solar Energy
Shanghai JA Solar Technology
Shanghai Jinglong Solar Energy
Shanghai Pubsolar
Shanghai Si-Solar Technologies
Shanghai Solar Energy
Shanghai ST Solar Panels
Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy
Shenzhen Topray
Shenzhen Zhongjing Solar
Shinew Photoelectronic Technology
Shinsung Solar Energy
Signet Solar Panels
Silex Power
Silicon Energy
Siliken Solar Panels
Silray Solar Panels
Sintek Photronic
SMX Capital Solar Panels
SOCO Technology Solar Panels
Solar Enertech
Solar Frontier
Solar Integrated Technologies
Solar Liberty
Solar Power Industries
Solar Power SPI
Solar Semiconductor
Solarbest Energy-Tech
Solargate Technology
SolarPark Korea
Solartech Energy
Solartech Renewables
Solartechnics North America
Solarzentrum Allgau
Solon Solar
Solopower Panels
Soltecture Solar Panels
Solvation Manufacturing Solar
Sonali Energees Solar
Sonnetek Solar Panels
Sopray Energy
Sova Power
Sovello Solar Panels
SRS Energy
Star Harvest Solar Panels
Stion Solar
STX Solar Panels
Sun Energy Engineering
Sun World Energy Technology
Sunarray Solar Panels
Sunflower Light Energy
Suniva Solar Panels
Sunlan Solar
Sunlink PV
Sunny Energy Science
Sunny Optronics
Sunny Power Solar Panels
Sunperfect Solar Panels
Sunrise Solartech
Suntop Solar Energy
Sunzone Optoelectronics Energy
Suzhou Shenglong PV-Tech
Symphony Energy
T Solar Panels
Tainergy Solar Panels
Taiwan Solar Energy TSEC
Tata Power Solar
TBEA Xinjiang SunOasis Solar
TDG Solar Panels
Ten K Solar Panels
Titan Energy Systems
Topoint Solar Panels
Top Solar Panels
Topsun Solar Panels
TSMC Solar Panels
Tycon Power
TynSolar Panels
UE Solar Panels
Ulica Solar Panels
Unicor Federal Prison Solar Panels
Universal Energy Nanjing Solar Tech
Universal Hardware UHC Solar Panels
UpSolar Panels
US Topco Energy
US Yabang Solar Energy
Vikram Solar Panels
Voltaic Systems
Waaree Energies
Wanxiang New Energy
Watton Solar Panels
Webel Websol Energy Systems
Win Win Precision Technology Solar
Wuxi Jiacheng JC Solar Energy
Wuxi Shangpin Solar Panels
Xian Huanghe Photovoltaic
XL Energy Solar Panels
Yes Solar Panels
YOCASOL Solar Panels
Yunnan Tianda Photovoltaic
Zebra Solar Panels
Zerquest Solar Panels
Zhejiang Wanxiang Solar Panels
Znshine PV-Tech
Zytech Engineering Technology Solar

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