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Solar Panels by Watt

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes to meet most any energy requirement. With more than 10,000 solar panels available, it can be a challenge to find the one just for your home or project. That is why we created this easy-to-use guide organized by the the various solar panel sizes form 5 watts to 400 watts.

Compare the most popular, best-selling modules for grid-tied and off-grid systems. They often have the best prices too. Or find your watts among all sizes of solar panels. Bigger is not always better when taking into account the price, inventory and your available space. For example, a residential home system may not have the space or enough quantity for the largest modules.

Find all solar panel sizes in the left column, or
Choose your WATTS from the most popular sizes below

GRID TIED 260 265 275 280 285 300 325 345 360
OFF GRID 50 80 100 150 185 190 195 250 300


Browse The Lowest Cost Solar Panels for the Popular Sizes

190W solar panel Topoint JTM190-72M mono silver 145W Stion Thin Film Solar Panels sto-145 270 watt Solar Panel Peimar OS270P 150 watt Stion Thin Film Solar Panels STO-150
260 watt Solar Panel Q-Cells Black Q.PRO-BFR-G4-260 275W Solar Panel  Q-cells Q-PLUS-G3-275 265 watt Solar Panel Q-Cells Black Q.PRO-BFR-G4-265 320 watt Solar Panel Peimar Poly XL
275W Solar Panel  Q-cells Q.PLUS-BFR-G4.1-275 325W solar panels Canadian CS6X-325P polycrystalline 280W Solar Panel  Q-cells Q.PLUS-BFR-G4.1-280 Solar Panels 250 watt Conergy PH-250P
260 watt Solar Panel Q-Cells Black frame Q.PRO-BFR-G3-260 195W solar panel Ecosolargy ECO195A125M-72 mono 255 watt Solar Panel Hanwha Q-cells Q-PRO-G3-255 250W module Renesola JC250M-24-Bb poly
255 watt Solar Panel Hanwha Q-cells Q-PRO-BFR-G3-255 320W solar panels Canadian CS6X-320P polycrystalline 260W Solar Panel Hanwha Q-cells Q-PRO-G3-260 280W module SUNGEN SGM-280P poly
260W module Renesola JC260M-24-Bbv Virtus II 340W solar panels Canadian CS6U-340M mono XL 100W PV module Renogy RNG-100D mono 345W solar panels Canadian CS6U-345M mono XL
265W solar panels Suniva OPT265-60-4-100 mono 300W Hanwha Solar Panel HSL72P6-PB-4-300T 305 watt Solar Panel Conergy PE-305P polycrystalline 280W Solar Panel  Q-cells Q-PLUS-G3-280

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