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Solar panel installation cost

Get the lowest cost solar panel installation. Compare prices and brands. Qualify for installation discounts and solar rebates. There are many factors that go into estimating installation costs for solar panels.

A quick ballpark estimate of the cost to install solar panels for a typical residential system could range from $0.75 per watt to $1.50 per watt. This is the cost just for the professional installation; it does NOT include the average cost of $1.80 per watt for solar panels, solar inverters, rack mounting and hardware.

Example Solar Cost Estimate

This is a solar power estimate* based on a $200 monthly electric bill. An 8kW or 8,000 watt solar panel system could offset most of your energy use.
Results will vary based on utility rate, location and installation factors.

Solar Panel Kits

8kW Solar Kit Price ecoSolargy
8kW solar price Canadian CS6P
8kW solar price SolarWorld
8kW Solar Kit Price CSUN
Solar Kit 8kW Suniva
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Solar Savings
This is how much money you could save with solar panels every month, every year and for 25 years.

Other benefits of solar power
Increase your home value
Clean, healthy, renewable energy
$63,655 - 25 years
$2,160 per year
$180 per month


Solar Panel System
You would install 8kW or 25 to 32 solar panels to generate power that could offset a $200 monthly electric bill.
1 kW = 1 kilowatt or 1,000 watts; kWh = kilowatt hours

Compare 8 kW Solar Kits

600 - 1400 kWh AC per month

Average Solar Cost
Includes system design, solar panels, inverter, rooftop mounting, installation and warranty, minus a 30% Federal energy tax credit. (Average sticker price: $14,800 - $22,800)

$10,400 Self Installed
$16,000 Pro Installed
Electricity Cost before going solar
This is how much you will pay the utility if you don't use solar panels
$81,979 over 25 years
$2,400 per year
$200 per month

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Solar System Design
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*NOTE: These are current solar price cost estimates as of July 2016. Amounts may vary based on your location and installation factors. The 25 year utility cost is based on a national average of $0.18 per kWh and a conservative 2.5% annual electricity price inflation rate. The estimated kWh produced per month assumes 5 sun hours per day. How much solar power do you need for a $200 electric bill?
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