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Solar panel installation

This is the place to learn about solar panel installation. Discover how to install solar panels in easy steps. Find installation contractors in your area. Get the latest updates about costs and rebates for solar panel installation.

Top 10 questions to ask about solar panel installation

There are many questions to consider when evaluating solar panel installation for your home or business. Solar panel installation includes system design, permits, solar panels, solar inverters, roof or ground mount racking and cabling.

  1. Will the system be on-grid or off-grid?
  2. Is it a roof-top or ground mounted solar installation?
  3. If a roof-top installation, how steep is the roof, how many stories is the building?
  4. How many solar panels will be included in the installation?
  5. What racking system will be used for the solar installation?
  6. Is there a central inverter or many micro-inverters?
  7. Is there a battery backup system?
  8. Does the local authority have a streamlined or a manual permitting process for solar panels?
  9. Is the utility rebate paperwork going to be handled by the installer or the homeowner?
  10. What is the hourly labor cost for solar installation?
  11. How many hours will the solar panel installation require?

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