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You are here: Home > SOLAR PANELS > Manufacturers > SunPower Solar Panels

Sunpower Solar Panels

Sunpower(TM) Corporation designs, manufactures and delivers high-performance solar electric technology worldwide, considered the world best solar panels. SunPower is ahead of the pack with the world's most efficient solar products. However you will pay more, as much as double the price, without generating double the power. Sunpower offers a full line of solar panels that are only available for purchase with installation by authorized dealers. They are NOT sold separately. Choose from the models listed below to review Sunpower module features and specifications.

Sunpower 250 | Sunpower 245 | Sunpower 240 | Sunpower 238 | Sunpower 230 | Sunpower 225 | Sunpower 215 |
Sunpower 345 | Sunpower 335 | Sunpower 327 | Sunpower 320 | Sunpower 318 | Sunpower 315 | Sunpower 308 | Sunpower 305 | Sunpower 300 | Sunpower 435 | Sunpower 425 | Sunpower 415 |
Sunpower X-Series | Serengeti | PowerGuard solar roof tiles | Sunpower T5, T10 interlocking roof tiles

Sunpower Solar Panel Prices

We want to make it transparent and easy to compare solar prices, but you can not buy Sunpower panels separately. However, we can compare the real-world Sunpower pricing information that is publicly available from the official reporting site of the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Program Administrators and the California Public Utilities Commission.

This presents actual costs and program data for Sunpower modules and systems installed in California. These Sunpower prices include modules, inverters, mounting, balance of system (BOS) components and installation labor. Don't pay more than you have to; find some of the lowest prices for high performance solar panels here at FreeCleanSolar.com.
  • Average Sunpower Cost per DC Watt Installed: $5.59
  • Compare to FreeCleanSolar 8kW system for $1.65 per watt

  • Sunpower Installation Dates: January 2013 to May 2013
  • Average Rated Power per System: 7.68 kW (7,680 watts DC)
  • Average # Solar Modules per System: 25
  • Average Sunpower System Installation Cost: $42,457
  • Average Cost per Sunpower Module Installed: $1,739
  • Total # Sunpower Modules installed: 68,763
  • Total # Sunpower Systems installed: 2,748


Compare These High Quality Alternatives to Sunpower PV Modules

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Canadian Solar 300 watt panel CS6X-300P Canadian Solar 280 watt panel CS6X-280P Canadian Solar 285 watt panel CS6X-285P 295W PV module Trina TSM-295PA14 poly
Canadian Solar 280 watt panel CS6X-280P
Sold Out
Our Price: $270.00

Canadian Solar 285 watt panel CS6X-285P
Sold Out
Our Price: $275.00
300W solar panel Canadian CS6X-300M mono 305W solar panel Canadian CS6X-305M mono 310W solar panel Canadian CS6X-310M mono Panasonic Solar Panel HIT-N235S01 235 watt
300W solar panel Canadian CS6X-300M mono
Currently Unavailable
Our Price: $300.00

305W solar panel Canadian CS6X-305M mono
Special Order
Our Price: $320.00

310W solar panel Canadian CS6X-310M mono
Special Order
Our Price: $359.00
Panasonic 235 watt Solar Panel HIT-N235S01
Sold Out
Our Price: $389.00

Panasonic Solar Panel HIT-N240S01 235 watt 300W solar panel LG300N1C-B3 Mono X Neon 315W solar panels AUO PM300P00-315 poly 315W solar panel CSUN315-72M mono
Panasonic 240 watt Solar Panel HIT-N240S01
Limited Availability
Our Price: $420.00

300W solar panel LG300N1C-B3 Mono X Neon
Usually Ships in 1 to 2 Weeks
Our Price: $425.00
315W solar panel CSUN315-72M monocrystalline
Special Order
Our Price: $473.00


Review Sunpower inverter ratings to compare performance.

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