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PV Solar Panel System Consulting and Design

Like any home improvement project, successful completion is based on a good design plan. As the old construction adage says, it is better to measure twice, and cut only once. A PV or photovoltaic solar panel system design will be required to obtain permit approval from the local building department, as well as permission to operate by the local utility.

Anyone can design a solar system. You can do-it-yourself or hire a professional contractor. A solar design is provided at no charge with the solar kits offered by FreeCleanSolar. This will help you make an informed, unbiased decision to find the best system at the lowest cost.

4 Step Solar Design Process

A good design follows four easy steps, beginning with gathering all the requirements for the project. A bad design starts with specific brands, solar panels or inverters. Here is a list of the topics covered in a professional solar design.

Step 1: RequirementsStep 1 Requirements

Step 2: Size and LayoutStep 2 Size and Layout

Step 3: Compare SystemsStep 3 Compare Solar Systems

Step 4: Final PlanStep 4: Final Plan

solar system design
Solar System Design
Custom Prepared in 1 to 3 Weeks
Your Price: $449.00


Helpful Solar Design Links

Here are links to more information about some of the detailed steps to complete a solar design.

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