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About Solar Panels

Commercial and home solar panels are used to generate electricity which can be used to power home appliances, lighting, electronics, and more. Clean solar is a renewable power source that can meet almost all energy requirements. Solar panels have arrays of solar cells that capture sunlight and convert it into an electric current. Typical solar panel systems include an inverter, writing, optional battery storage and a grid tie-in. Commercial and home solar panels are made of thin layers of silicon. Since there are no moving parts, virtually no further maintenance is needed after solar installation. Clean solar power is a smart investment that will save you tons of money on electric costs. Converting to commercial or home system isn't as pricey as you may think. The cost of solar installation has dropped more than 40 percent in the past couple years. Generous rebates and discounts can slash solar installation costs by over 50 percent. Enjoy a lifetime of energy savings with clean solar power. Free Clean Solar works with the top commercial and home solar panel manufacturers and thousands of qualified solar installers to fit you with a state-of-the-art solar panel system for a great price.

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