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Alaska Solar Costs

Most don't associate Alaska as a hotspot for clean solar energy. Despite cold temperatures and a few dark months, Alaska receives lots of sunlight that is there for the taking. It's there, so why not use it to reduce your energy costs?

Alaska solar panels are an investment, but low-cost solar installation is possible. State and federal solar rebates and solar incentives are available to drastically reduce Alaska solar costs. For those who don't want to pay upfront Alaska solar costs, there are options to convert to clean solar for $0 down. Alaska residents can install solar panels for zero down through a solar lease or solar loan. Solar financing is also available to bring down your initial Alaska solar costs. Lenders are usually excited about working with homeowners who seek to improve their home values through solar installation. Professional solar installers at Free Clean Solar can assist with the solar financing or solar leasing process.

Of course, the cost and size of your Alaska solar panel system depends on your energy consumption, location, the types of solar panels installed and the availability of Alaska solar panel rebates and incentives. Alaska solar costs are tough to accurately predict without a price quote. To be certain if a residential solar panel system is right for you, contact a qualified solar installer for an evaluation.

To obtain a rough estimate of your Alaska solar costs, use a solar panel cost calculator. A solar calculator can approximate the cost and size of the right solar energy system for your home. Your electric bill should contain the number of kilo-watt hours (kWh) used in the past year. Keep in mind that the solar panel cost calculator does not account for federal, state or local solar panel rebates that will drastically reduce your Alaska solar costs.

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