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Alaska Solar Rebates

Residents of Alaska can take advantage of a handful of renewable energy incentives to lower solar installation costs. The state includes a green power production credit, a property tax exemption and energy efficiency rebates up to $10,000.

If you live in the Fairbanks area you may be eligible for The Golden Valley Electric Association Sustainable Natural Alternative Power (SNAP) Program. This incentive program offers 30 cents for every kWh (kilowatt hour) produced by a solar panel array.

All Alaska residents can enjoy 100% tax exemption for the added property value from a solar system. These incentives can be combined with the 30 percent Federal energy Tax Credit for the cost of home solar panel installation.

Finally, Alaska is a net-metering state, This means your electric meter can spin backwards and you will earn utility credits for extra power produced during the day time. FreeCleanSolar can help you to obtain all Alaska solar rebates and discounts.

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