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Arizona Solar Panels

Arizona solar panels are rapidly growing in popularity. Clean solar is environmentally friendly and can save you substantial amounts of money on your electricity bills. The cost of solar installation has decreased in recent years. After installation, home solar panels can last a lifetime and require virtually no maintenance.

A solar panel is made up of small photovoltaic cells known as solar cells. Each solar cell is composed of two layers of silicon semiconductor. The layer that receives sun exposure has extra electrons. When sunlight strikes the exposed layer, the electrons are energized by the sunlight. This causes them to move to the second layer and then into a connecting wire. This process creates an electric current that your solar panel uses to generate electricity.

Arizona solar panels produce direct current (DC) power. Since most homes run on alternating current (AC) and inverter is necessary to convert the power to the correct form. A typical Arizona solar panel system comes with solar panels, an inverter and a battery charging system. Solar electric panel installation is flexible, so you can start small and add more panels over time.

Any excess energy produced by your Arizona solar panel system is fed back into the utility grid. Net metering is the term for the electricity policy under which homeowners using renewable energy can receive retail credit for excess energy generated. With net metering, solar powered homeowners can actually witness their electric meters running backward thanks to their home solar panels.

Some factors may affect the performance of your Arizona solar panels. Weather conditions, excess shade, and the angle and position at which the solar panels are installed can all affect solar system output. Arizona solar panels work their best when placed in direct sunlight. Dynamic mounts that will rotate the solar panel to follow the sun will ensure the maximum amount of direct sun exposure. A professional solar installer can perform a free solar evaluation of your home to see if clean solar energy is a viable option.

Not only will residential solar power save you an abundance of cash, it also has a positive impact on the environment. There are also affordable solar chargers and generators available that produce solar power for less. Electricity production in the United States involves burning coal and other fossil fuels. Converting to clean solar energy helps decrease pollution and stop harmful greenhouse gas emissions from reaching our atmosphere. Non-renewable fossil fuels send out a variety of pollutants into the air we breathe, harming public health, water, crops and the ecosystems we rely on.

If you are ready to help the environment and break free from worrying about rising electric costs, then Arizona solar panels are a wise investment. Contact Free Clean Solar to find out if residential solar power is a smart option for you and your family. Get a free online estimate and price quote today. Our solar panel specialists are ready to handle all the details for you. There has never been a better time to solar power your home or business.

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