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Arkansas Solar Costs

Your Arkansas solar costs depend on the system size, the equipment, your location and available rebates and incentives. Arkansas solar panels can greatly reduce your utility bill. Arkansas solar costs much less than purchasing energy from your utility. After solar installation, you'll enjoy a $0 or very low power bill for the life of the solar panel system. If you spend $200 per month for electricity through a utility, it adds up to $81,979 over 25 years, including a low annual price inflation rate of 2.5%. No matter how you calculate it, you'll save money by utilizing all the FREE energy from the sun.

Solar financing and solar lease programs can put Arkansas solar costs within reach of most homeowners. Through solar financing, homeowners can enjoy the perks of home solar panels without paying upfront solar installation costs. Once installed, home solar panels require almost no maintenance and the savings on energy bills will last a lifetime.

For a rough estimate of Arkansas solar costs, use a solar panel cost calculator. A solar calculator can estimate the cost and size of a home solar panel system for your needs. To use the solar calculator, all you need is your total kilo-watt hours (kWh) used in the past year. The information can be found on your electric bill. The solar panel cost calculator doesn't account for any Arkansas solar rebates or federal incentives.

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