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Astrum Solar Lease

Astrum is solar installation and leasing company. They are the exclusive provider of Leasing Powered By Constellation Energy. Their services are available to property owners in Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC.

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Recent Reviews of Astrum Solar

May 2012: Astrum solar was the most knowledgeable solar installer in the area. I installed panels with Astrum Solar in 2008 and the panels have reduced my power consumption by 80%. With state incentives and local incentives as well as the sale of SRECs the investment has already almost paid itself back, 2 whole years in advance of the estimated payback date. Astrum solar was really clear in making sure that we understood the process and making sure that everything was taken care of as part of their turnkey process. The company is also committed to protecting the environment with their estimators all driving fuel efficient vehicles. Keep in mind that as you go solar, if your house is not efficient, then your solar install will not have as much impact. Before installing solar, make sure that you are running the minimum number possible of fridges for your house (some people like to have 2, when they might only need 1) make sure that your appliances are not older than 8-10 years old, and update your central air conditioning to make sure that it runs as efficiently as possible. These are just a few of the changes that will make your solar panels do the best kind of work for you.

Apr, 2011: Ours was the first installation in our area for Astrum. They were professional and prompt in dealing with local ordinances. We were kept in the loop and Sam (director) had the experience to anticipate problems before they occurred.

Mar, 2010: Astrum provided a complete, turn-key solution. they were recommended to me by a coworker. Their engagement process was simple and all business interactions were polished and professional. Their Web based price quote tool was impressive as it automatically calculated incentives, power production and even included an ROI model (even if "optimistic"). After engagement they handled all the permits and grant applications. The installers included a team of 6 - 8 people, including licensed electircians, professional roofers, etc. The team was supervised by a senior installer who answered all my questions. Two months after install (and two 20" snowfalls) we have had no faults. 700kwh so far

Feb, 2010: Astrum has been instrumental in navigating DC government regulations and getting around the generally unresponsive service from PEPCO. Without them I wouldn`t have been able to complete this process.

Feb, 2010: A very good team, from start to finish, including Astrum`s handling of all the Federal, state, county, electric company, and home-owners` association paperwork.

Jan, 2010: I can`t say enough about everyone we have dealt with from Astrum Solar. From the salesman to the installers, they are incredibly knowledgeable and they make customer satisfaction their top priority. I plan to definitely use them again when I expand my system in the future.

Jan 21, 2010: Astrum Solar has by far the most knowledgeable staff. They bend over backwards to service the customer in all phases of the project. What has been more impressive is that they continue to be there for me after the install to answer the silliest questions.

Nov, 2009: Astrum Solar did a fantastic job, from the initial consult, through installation and system initiation, as well as following up on some minor maintenance issues. Fantastic!

Nov, 2009: Astrum Solar was great, not a single problem came up and we recommend them to everyone we know. We had several other companies come out to pitch us (Chesapeake and Standard) and Astrum was by far the best. They had the most knowledgeable salespeople and offered warranties and technologies the other companies didn`t have. They were the only ones who really understood SRECs and took care of them for us, along with all of the other paperwork involved. Astrum was a little more expensive than the other companies (5% or so) but the quality of service we got from them was more than worth it, especially for such a large purchase. We had read about issues with less experienced installers on the Internet when we first started looking, so we made sure to go with someone who knew what they were doing. We love our solar system and would recommend solar and Astrum to anyone.

Oct, 2009: We looked at many competitors and found Astrum Solar to be by far the best. They offered the best technology and the best customer service. To us they were clearly the best value in the marketplace. There warranties were superior to their competition including their panel buyback guarantee and new roof warranty. They also offered us great SREC pricing. We would strongly recommend Astrum Solar to anyone looking to go solar.

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