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Colorado Cities

Colorado cities average 300 days of sunshine per year. That's quite a bit of sunshine that is ready for the taking. The Rocky Mountain destination is a leader in alternative and solar energy in the country.

Colorado has lots of undeveloped land which allows for photovoltaic arrays to be set up in less visible, out of the way locations. Although heavy snowfall can sometimes prevent light from reaching the solar cells, the solar panel's ability to mechanically follow the sun enables it to tilt helping the snow and ice slide off. The reflective nature of snow allows more power to be generated from the solar panels. Believe it or not, photovoltaic cells actually create more electricity in cold weather. Colorado solar panels reach optimal efficiency when temperatures near the freezing point.

Every day, more Colorado residents are converting to clean solar power to supply their electricity. Clean Colorado solar energy improves the air by creating green electricity that contains no harmful emissions. The renewable energy from the sun is free for the taking. Sunlight will continue to strike the earth day after day, whether we use it or not.

With all the Colorado solar panel rebates and incentives available, now is the right time to choose clean solar power for your home. Colorado solar panels often pay for themselves in a few years and the massive savings on energy bills will last a lifetime. Investing in solar energy can increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to future buyers. With so many solar panel rebates available, the value of your home could increase more than the actual installation cost of the solar panel system.

Free Clean Solar can help you find a high-quality solar panel system that will meet all your energy needs. Before investing, however, you should get a free price quote to determine your site's solar resources. With so many financial incentives, tax credits and utility rebates available, commercial or residential solar power is a viable and smart option.

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