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Colorado Solar Panels

Solar panels in Colorado are able to harvest sunlight and convert it to electricity. Solar cells (also known as photovoltaic cells) are positioned in a grid-like pattern on the surface of a solar panel. The solar cells absorb sunlight that is gathered during the daytime hours and convert it into DC (direct current) power. A standard Colorado commercial or residential solar energy system includes the solar panels, an inverter, and a battery charging system.

Your home is powered by AC (alternating current) power, so the DC power is sent to an inverter that converts it into AC power. From the inverter, the AC power travels to the breaker box to power your home. Any extra electricity that is generated is fed back into the utility grid. Colorado utility companies will buy back unused electricity enabling you to earn a profit from your solar panel system.

Typically Colorado solar panels require virtually no maintenance and can last through your lifetime. Solar energy systems have no moving parts. If any maintenance is required, it usually consists of washing the solar panels to remove dust or debris. However, solar panels are generally kept clean by rain and snow. Colorado solar panels are often warrantied for over twenty years, so in the off chance something happens you are covered.

Location is important for low-cost solar installation in Colorado. If your property is in a cloudy or shady area, it can affect how much light reaches your solar PV system. It's best to contact a professional solar installer to see if clean solar is right for you.

Home solar panels are a wise investment for most. They grant immunity from rate hikes from utility companies and will substantially lower or eliminate monthly electric bills. By offsetting some of the pollution from electricity generation, clean solar power dramatically improves the air we breathe. Through net metering, Colorado solar panels can actually help residents earn a profit. Finally, with all of the solar incentives, rebates and tax credits, a home solar panel system can pay for itself in a few short years while the energy savings lasts a lifetime. There has never been a better time to choose clean solar power.

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