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Connecticut Rebates

Connecticut has several renewable energy discounts that reduce installation costs by nearly 80%. Funding for the program is limited, with just 160 applications approved this year. Residents can also receive exemptions from state property sales taxes. These Connecticut rebates can be combined with the 30% federal energy tax credit. Here are the details about the Connecticut Clean Energy incentives available to homes and businesses.

Rebate Type Amount
Federal IRS Energy Tax Credit 30% of total solar installation value
Solar Power Installation Rebate Customer-owned systems: first 5,000 watts qualifies for $2.275 per watt or up to a $11,350 rebate; the next 5kW up to 10kW qualifies for $1.075 per watt or up to $5,375; Total customer-owned solar rebate up to $16,725.
Third-party-owned systems are eligible to receive $0.30 per AC kilo-watt hour produced for six years.
Property Tax Exemption 100% of system value
Sales Tax Exemption 100% exemption
State Tax Credit None

Buy certified solar panel systems that qualify for Connecticut Rebates; shop online to skip sales tax too. These home solar kits include every component needed for low-cost solar installation including high-performance solar panels, grid-ready inverters, roof racking, wiring, hardware, step-by-step instructions and even permit-ready engineering diagrams. Pre-engineered home solar kits are delivered to your door in two to three weeks and can be installed in one or two days.

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