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Delaware Rebates

The state of Delaware offers a solar installation rebate up to $1.25 per watt and renewable energy generation credits. These solar discounts can be combined with the 30% federal energy tax credit. Here are the details about the Delaware Solar Initiative and the discount programs available to homes and businesses.

Summary of Florida Solar Incentives

Rebate Type Amount
Federal IRS Energy Tax Credit 30% of total solar installation value
Solar Power Installation Rebate PV: $0.35 to $1.25 per watt residential, commercial; $0.70 to $2.55 per watt for non-profits
Solar Renewable Energy Credits up to $500 per MWh megawatt hour produced
Property Tax Exclusion None
Property Tax Exclusion None
State Tax Credit None

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Delaware Solar Power Installation Rebate Program

Incentive Type: Delaware State Utility Solar Power Rebate Program
Eligible Renewable Technologies Solar Water Heat, Solar Space Heat, Solar Thermal Process Heat, Photovoltaics, Landfill Gas, Wind, Biomass, Geothermal Electric, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Solar HVAC, Solar Pool Heating, Daylighting, Anaerobic Digestion, Small Hydroelectric, Other Distributed Generation Technologies
Applicable Sectors: Commercial, Industrial, Residential, Agricultural
Incentive Amount: Up to 50% of installed cost
Maximum Incentive: Varies by utility and by technology. See fact sheet link in text below.
Eligible System Size: No size restrictions specified
Equipment Requirements: Systems must carry a full five-year warranty and meet applicable UL, IEEE, and NEC standards; on- and off-grid systems are eligible; SRCC certification required for solar water heating systems; See Regulations for detailed requirements
Installation Requirements: Systems must be installed by a participating contractor
Program Budget: Delmarva: $1.87 million annually on average (65% of available Green Energy Fund collections;
DEC: Varies by month (FY 07: 207,000);
Munis: Varies by month (FY 07: 321,044 across 9 municipals)
Ownership of Renewable Energy Credits: Remains with customer/producer
Funding Source: Green Energy Fund (DP&L), DEC Renewable Resources Fund, Municipal Utility Green Energy Fund

The Delaware Green Energy Program actually consists of three separate programs: one for Delmarva Power & Light (DP&L), the state's only investor-owned utility; one for the state's municipal utilities; and one for the Delaware Electric Cooperative (DEC). As part of the state's renewable portfolio standard (RPS), municipal electric companies and rural electric cooperatives could opt out of the RPS requirements provided they contributed to the existing Green Energy Fund or created their own independent funds. Both the municipal utilities and the DEC opted out of the RPS and chose to create their own funds. Funding for all three programs is separate; customers may only apply for incentives from the fund to which they contribute through a surcharge on their utility bills. The Delaware Energy Office currently manages all three programs.

A Delaware SREC Pilot Procurement Program was approved in November of 2011 by the Delaware Public Service Commission. The program is expected to begin in April 2012.

Delaware Investor-Owned Utility Renewable Energy Rebate Program

Under the investor-owned program, 40% of rebate funding is available for residential customers and 60% of funding is available for nonresidential customers, including energy efficiency education programs. The total of all grants shall not exceed 65% of the total annual revenue collected for the Green Energy Fund. For customers of Delmarva Power, the maximum individual grant amount is 50% of installation costs for photovoltaic, solar water heating, fuel cells, and wind turbine systems, with the following caps:

  • PV Residential, $31,500; non-residential, $250,000
  • Solar Water Heating, Residential, $3,000; non-residential, $250,000
  • Solar Water Heating integrated into a radiant heating application Residential, $5,000; non-residential, $250,000
  • Small Wind Turbines, Residential, $22,500; non-residential, $100,000
  • Fuel Cells, Residential, $22,500; non-residential, $250,000

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