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Delaware Solar Rebates

Delaware solar rebates can cover more than 50% percent of solar panel installation costs. The Delaware Green Energy Program provides a cash rebate of up to $1.25 per watt of solar power. Plus the renewable energy credit program provides an ongoing, market-based financial incentive to go solar. These discounts can be combined with the 30% federal income tax credit for the total solar system value.

Delaware is a net-metering state. This means you earn credit for extra power produced by the solar array. Under the Delaware policy, home solar panel systems up to 24kW are eligible. At the end of a billing year, customers can sell excess power to the Delaware Green Energy fund at the utility's wholesale rate.

The solar experts at Free Clean Solar can assist you to discover all the Delaware solar rebates and help fill out the appropriate paperwork for you. The discounts and incentives in Delaware allow solar panels to pay for themselves in a few short years, while you enjoy a lifetime of energy savings.

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