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1.2kWh 12V nano-carbon battery Outback Power 106RE

Outback Power EnergyCell 106RE
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Outback Power EnergyCell 106RE Nano-Carbon VRLA-AGM renewable energy battery operates at 12V, 100AH, (100Ah @ 20hr). This technology means 99% gas recombination efficient, no periodic watering of cells, no re-torquing of terminal connections, and no equalization charge under standard operating conditions. EnergyCell Nano-Carbon delivers all the safety and convenience of a VRLA battery with the cycling benefits of advanced energy storage. Maintaining the capacity of the Nano-Carbon battery in a 30-80% state of charge can maximize your overall cycle life by up to 44% versus a traditional VRLA deep cycle battery. Nano-carbon is a partial state of charge (PSOC) battery chemistry that excels in three types of installations: off-grid deep cycle, grid-tied self-consumption, and grid-tied energy backup. The technology sits in the middle both in terms of price and performance, about 10 percent more expensive than lead-acid, but with advanced cycling capabilities. The reason is increased carbon coverage, up to 100x more than a traditional lead-carbon on the negative plate, which decreases sulfating. Order online or PHONE 888-498-3331

PARTS LIST - Product Features
  • Safe, maintenance-free convenience
  • Maximize overall cycle life by up to 44% versus traditional VRLA deep cycle batteries
  • †95% round trip efficiency
  • Optimized for use with OutBack’s IBR, OBE, OBE-FT and IBE enclosure and racking solutions
  • For off-grid, energy arbitrage, self-consumption battery installations
  • Front Terminal Access Design for Ease of Maintenance and Installation
  • High-Density Pasted Plates for High Cycle Life
  • Lead-Calcium-Tin Alloy Plates for Long Life in Both Cycling and Float Applications
  • High Recharge Efficiency
  • Compact Footprint for Higher Energy Density Requirements
  • Thermally Welded Case-to-Cover Bond to Eliminate Leakage
  • UL-Recognized Component
  • Up to 2-Year Full Replacement Warranty from Outback PSoC applications
  • Qualifies for PV solar tax credits and rebates when used with a renewable energy system

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