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Hartford CT 18.6 kW Solar Project Reference

This growing family wanted to reduce their utility cost, and their environmental impact. They were spending $4,000 every year for power from Eversource Electric at a rate of $0.17 per kWh. Like most people, they received proposal quotes from local solar contractors. These seemed to be interested in selling the financing as either a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA). The high prices surprised them, and they thought there must be a better way to go solar.

They searched the internet and found FreeCleanSolar.com. They were able to quickly compare prices for 20kW solar kits on the web site, and decided to call us for an initial consultation.

They got started with the Solar Design service. We evaluated their energy bills, and compared a variety of mounting options to understand the material cost and labor tradeoffs. Since they have plenty of land, they decided to use a ground mounted system.

Solar Project Summary

Once they settled on a system size and mounting layout, we then provided a table with 18 price options. This included 6 different solar panels from brands like Trina, CSUN, SolarWorld, Canadian and LG solar, and 3 types of inverters from Fronius, SolarEdge and Enphase. They chose the following system with the right balance of price and performance that would cover 100% of the annual consumption.

  • 18,600 watts with (60) Canadian Solar 310 watt modules CS6X-310P
  • (2) Fronius Primo 8.2 Inverters with lifetime monitoring
  • IronRidge Ground Mounting, 4 x 15 layout on galvanized steel pipe sub-structure and concrete foundation piers
  • System Cost: $25,000 after incentives
  • Cost per Watt: $1.34 after incentives
  • Effective Cost per kWh: $0.05
  • Energy Produced: 2,000 kWh / month
  • Savings: $3,900 per year; $100,000 lifetime
  • Breakeven: 6.4 years
  • Return on Investment (ROI): 15%

Once the system was chosen, we produced a final purchase order, minus the design fee that was paid up-front. The permit plans were professionally prepared, taking into account any special requirements from the local building department and electric utility. They also hired a local electrician for the wiring hook-up, so we made sure that they could have input to the plans. Final permit approval happened quickly and without modification. The materials were delivered to the work site in about 10 days and the project commenced. Scroll down to see customer comments and project photos.

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solar system design
Solar System Design
Custom Prepared in 1 to 3 Weeks
Your Price: $449.00


In Their Own Words

Here are quotes from first Mrs. Mol, and then Mr. Mol about getting their solar system from FreeCleanSolar.

"Thank you for our solar! It was an incredible learning process and empowering to have done it ourselves. We are overjoyed that it was successful. We still can't believe we actually built it. I still vividly remember our first conversation. I gave you a hard time because I didn't actually believe we could do it ourselves. I asked you so many questions, and I was so skeptical of the whole situation. You were so patient and answered my endless inquires. You have saved us so much money, and made our hopes to have solar a reality. Your support throughout the process was beyond our expectations. I still can't figure out how you were always available on the phone no matter what time or day of the week it was. You have redefined what customer service is. In fact, you have inspired me to serve my own customers better based on my experiences freecleansolar.com."

"We wish to thank you again for the incredible help you have given us to make our solar project become a reality in 2015. After six months of operation, the array is doing great and we are still extremely proud we were able to do it ourselves (with a lot of help and advice from FreeCleanSolar). If ever you need references, pictures or other from us please let us know. We wish you a healthy, successful and fun 2016!"

Solar Project Photos

18 kW solar system
18 kW ground mounted solar system

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