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Hawaii Solar Rebates

With the most expensive electricity rates in the nation, the state of Hawaii offers several renewable energy incentives to reduce the cost of solar installation by up to 80%. The Aloha State knows that clean, sustainable energy is the future, and it just makes good dollars and sense too.

First, there is a special income tax credit in Hawaii for solar panel installation. This allows individuals or businesses to claim an income tax credit of 35% of the installation costs. The Hawaii Energy Tax Credit is capped at $5,000. This can be combined with the 30% Federal energy Tax Credit.

The Hawaii feed-in-tariff provides the biggest savings. Any excess power generated through your solar panels can be sold back to the utility company at up to $0.218 per kilowatt hour for up a 20,000 watt system. The feed-in tariff is offered by the three investor-owned utilities in Hawaii: HECO, MECO and HELCO.

The Aloha State is the ultimate location to convert to clean solar power. Thousands of Hawaiians are using the FREE energy from the sun to save on excessive energy costs. Say goodbye to dependence on expensive and dirty imported oil and hello to free clean solar. Our solar experts can help you take advantage of all Hawaii solar rebates and discounts to save on home solar panel installation.

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