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Solar Power from the Home Depot

The Home Depot sells solar panels and power kits in select states including... This is a brand you trust and therefore you may think you are getting a fair deal and some expertise. The reality is that you may end up paying as much as 50% more than you have to for the same solar products available here at FreeCleanSolar. Since we believe in transparency, openness and a fair deal, we created this Buyer's Guide for solar power products available from the Home Depot, including Grape solar panels. The inverters used are from Kaco, SMA or Enphase Energy micro-inverters. The systems for sale at HomeDepot.com DO NOT INCLUDE rack mounting systems in the price. So you have to add that option. Be a smart consumer and and compare this selection with up to 50% lower prices than Home Depot solar panels and kits. Don't pay more for solar power than you have to.

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Backed by a consortium of world-class companies, Grape Solar has built an integrated, streamlined supply chain that creates a direct link between manufacturers and installers. Grape Solar is in Eugene, Oregon, and focuses on selling of high-quality, low cost solar panels and supplies at wholesale cost to home owners, residential and commercial contractors of all 50 United States.

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