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How To Install A Solar Fan

Solar Attic Fan Installation as easy as 1-2-3
Solar Fans are easy to install for your roof or attic. Installation does not require an electrician or permits. Solar fans can be installed DIY, do-it-yourself. The unit is shipped fully operational right from the box. No electrical wiring, no expensive electrician or permits are needed. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each unit. NOTE: If you are not comfortable working on a roof or operating power saws and other equipment, please get professional help from a local handyman or relative to install your solar attic fan.

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Solar Vent 1000 Solar Vent 3000 Solar Attic Fan 10 watt
Solar Vent 1000
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Solar Vent 3000
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Solar Attic Fan 10 watt
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Solar Attic Fan 20 watt Solar Attic Fan 30 watt
Solar Attic Fan 20 watt
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Your Price: $459.00
Solar Attic Fan 30 watt
Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days
Your Price: $529.00
Solar Power Your Home

Better Design
Solar Attic Fans are engineered to be the best, incorporating the best features, the best materials and the best construction, making it the Natural Choice to cool your attic temperature!

Adjustable Solar Panel
The solar attic fan is designed with a mounting bracket that houses the solar panel allowing the panel to be angled for optimum performance. A fixed solar panel which can hinder the units performance.

Powder Coated Inside and Outside
A powder coated on the entire assembly in a neutral gray color ensures that it does not act like a heat sink. Do not use a painted or unpainted solar attic fan.

Aluminum Fan with 5 Blades
A five-wing precision balanced aluminum blade for the highest flow output. 3 or 4 plastic blades have lower attic fan output and don't last as long.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Flashing
Best solar attic fan flashing should manufactured from aircraft grade .080 gauge aluminum. Sheet metal or galvanized steel is not as resilient.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Hood
Best solar attic fan hoods are also manufactured from air-craft grade .080 gauge aluminum for smooth, quiet fan performance. Polypropylene (plastic), sheet metal or galvanized steel does not last as long, can be noisier and cause vibration.

Best Product Warranty for a solar attic fan
Look for a 25 year warranty on the housing, solar panel and motor, the best warranty in the industry.
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