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How to Install a PV Solar Panel System

There are many ways to install solar panels. Here is a step-by-step method for installing grid-connected solar panels on a residential roof. You can also follow these general instructions as a practical guide for most any type of solar installation project.

Like any home improvement, the process starts with good planning. The old adage to measure twice, cut once certainly applies to PV systems. Knowing the right component parts will also ensure proper installation that is covered by the manufacturers warranty.

The tools required for solar installation are quite common; a measuring tape, a level, a chalk line marker, a good cordless drill, a socket wrench set, screwdrivers (flat and phillips), a hacksaw and possibly a razor knife. A tool belt or vest will especially come in handy. Be sure to follow proper safety precautions when working on a roof and be prepared with a sturdy ladder, hard hat, rope line, and good footing. Given the size and weight of solar panels, this is a two person job.

Follow These 10 Steps to Install Solar Panels

Step 1: Planning and Layout DesignStep 1: PV Layout Planning and Design

Step 2: Roof AttachmentsRoof Attachments

Step 3: Mounting RailsStep 3: Solar Mounting Rails

Step 4: Grounding and WiringStep 4: Grounding and Wiring

Step 5: Install InvertersStep 5: Micro-Inverters

Step 6: Wire the Home RunStep 6: Wire the Home Run

Step 7: Install Safety Switch DisconnectsStep 7: Install Safety Switch Disconnects

Step 8: Connect and Clamp Solar PanelsStep 8: Connect and Clamp Solar Panels

Step 9: Test and Activate the SystemStep 9: Test and Connect System

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Solar System Design
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