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Indiana Solar Rebates

There are several incentives available in Indiana to bring down solar installation costs. A solar discount that home and business owners can take advantage of is an Indiana property tax exemption. This property tax grants an annual deduction against property tax valuations. No maximum incentive is specified and any added home value from the solar panel system is exempt from property taxes.

Another popular solar panel rebate is courtesy of the federal government. The IRS has a 30 percent Energy Tax Credit for the total cost of solar panel installation.

Net metering is an Indiana solar incentive that allows you to see your electric meter actually run backwards. Often home solar panels generate more electricity than you may use at any given time. In this case, the utility will buy back the power from you at the retail rate. Indiana solar panel systems up to 10 kW in size are eligible for net metering.

Our solar experts can help you get all the Indiana solar rebates and discounts to make home solar installation a reality for you.

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