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Louisiana Solar Costs

Thinking of going solar? If you're lucky enough to live in The Pelican State, you'll find Louisiana solar costs much less than you'd imagine. Thanks to generous solar panel rebates and incentives, Louisiana solar costs are affordable for almost everyone. Commercial and home solar panels are a wise investment that practically eliminate electric bills, increase home value and are kind to Louisiana's beautiful environment.

Worried about the initial Louisiana solar costs? Don't be. Solar financing is available for those who might not have thousands of dollars to put upfront for Louisiana solar installation. Solar financing is a smart option for those who want to utilize all the FREE energy from the sun for $0 down. Don't forget, Louisiana has the best solar panel rebates in the nation which will reduce your Louisiana solar costs by nearly 80 percent.

For a quick estimate of Louisiana solar costs, use a solar panel cost calculator. A solar calculator predicts the cost and size of an ideal home solar system to suit your needs. To use a solar panel calculator, all you need is the number of kilo-watt hours (kWh) used in the past year. The information can be found on your electric bill. Keep in mind, the solar panel cost calculator does not account for any solar panel rebates or solar incentives that will dramatically reduce Louisiana solar costs.

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