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Louisiana Solar Rebates

Because of generous Louisiana solar tax credits, thousands of residents are converting to clean solar energy. You can save almost 80 percent off the cost of a solar panel system in Louisiana.

Louisiana offers a 50% tax credit on the first $25,000 spent for a home solar installation. You can combine this with the 30% federal energy tax credit for huge savings.

Louisiana also has the Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) that allows homeowners to borrow from the LA Department of Natural Resources up to 50% of solar installation costs. The solar loans are paid back over a five-year term with a low interest rate. The maximum loan amount is $6,000.

Solar panels in Louisiana are exempt from 100% of property tax assessments increased by the addition of solar PV systems. Another Louisiana solar incentive is net metering. Any extra power home solar panels generate is credited to the customer’s next bill. Net metering enables your electric meter to actually run backward.

Louisiana solar rebates make going solar affordable for everyone. The experts at Free Clean Solar will work with you to obtain all available Louisiana solar rebates and discounts to ensure you maximize your solar installation savings.

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