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Maine Solar Rebates

With a variety of solar rebates available to Maine home and business owners, solar installation is more affordable than ever. A popular Maine solar incentive is a 30 percent solar energy Tax Credit from the federal government for the total cost of home solar installation.

Maine has a fantastic way to go solar for $0 down. The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) for residential solar panels and solar water heat systems provides low interest loans up to $30,000 for solar panel installation.

One of the best Maine solar rebates is available through net metering. Solar panels will often generate more electricity than you’ll use. When this occurs, utility companies in Maine must credit your account for any extra energy. This solar incentive enables your electric meter to actually run backward

The soolar experts at Free Clean Solar will work with you to obtain all Maine solar rebates and discounts to ensure you maximize on your solar installation savings. Contact us today for a free home solar evaluation.

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