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Michigan Solar Rebates

Thanks to rebates and discounts available in Michigan you can drastically lower solar installation costs. Plus, all Americans are eligible for a 30 percent Federal Eneregy Tax Credit.

A popular Michigan solar rebate is the DTE Energy “Solar Currents Program.” This is for customers of DTE Energy which includes the cities of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint, Livonia, plus the surrounding area. This solar panel rebate provides $2.40/watt upfront, plus a production incentive of 11 cents/kWh for a 20 year contract.

Consumers Energy customers in Grand Rapids, Lansing and the rest of the state may soon be eligible for an experimental Feed-in Tariff. If this works out, home solar panels owners will receive between 52.5 cents/kWh and 65 cents/kWh that the solar PV system produces.

Finally, WPPI Energy Utilities, covering much of the Upper Peninsula grants a solar rebate of up to $10,000 or 35% of the installed cist for a solar PV system.

Michigan also participates in net-metering. With net-metering, if your Michigan solar panels produce excess energy, the extra energy is credited to your next bill. It should be noted that net-metering cannot be combined with the Consumers Energy Feed-in Tariff.

With so many helpful Michigan solar rebates, The Great Lakes State is a perfect place to “go green” with solar power. Thousands of residents are already using the FREE energy from the sun to power their homes, why aren’t you? The experts at Free Clean Solar can help you make the most of Michigan solar rebates and discounts so you save big on solar installation.

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