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Solar Panels Work in New Jersey

New Jersey solar panels accumulate radiation from the sun and convert the energy into electricity. Solar panels are made up of several individual solar cells. When the solar cells are exposed to sunlight, the energy is converted from sunlight into electrical energy (DC power) which can be used to power our homes and appliances. An average New Jersey solar energy system includes solar panels, an inverter, and a battery charging system.

Your home is powered by AC (alternating current) power, so the DC power is sent to an inverter that changes it into AC power. From the inverter, the AC power travels to the breaker box to power your home. Any excess energy produced by your solar panel system will be fed back into the utility grid. Through net metering, New Jersey utility companies will buy back the unused electricity enabling you to actually earn a profit from your home solar panels.

There are some factors that affect the performance of your New Jersey solar panels. Weather conditions, too much shade, and the angle and position at which the solar panel is installed can all impact output. New Jersey solar panels function best in direct sunlight, away from any object that might cast shade. It helps to use dynamic mounts that will rotate the solar panel to follow the position of the sun. This ensures the maximum amount of direct sun exposure. A professional solar installer can perform a free home solar evaluation to see if clean solar is the right choice for you.

New Jersey solar panels have no moving parts and require almost no maintenance. After solar installation, the most homeowners have to do is occasionally remove dust or debris from the solar panels. New Jersey solar panels often carry a warranty that lasts over twenty years, so in the odd chance something happens you will be covered.

New Jersey solar panels improve the air we breathe. Most of our energy use is derived from burning fossil fuels which emits harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases into the air. Every solar installation offsets roughly 180,000 pounds of carbon dioxide, 600 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 500 pounds of sulfur dioxide from being released into our atmosphere. Fossil fuels are in limited supply, but solar energy is a clean, renewable resource.

For most, New Jersey solar panels are a wise investment. They enable homeowners to be energy independent and no longer at the mercy of utility companies. After solar panel installation, the value of your home can potentially increase by 20 percent. Often the increase is enough to offset the solar installation costs. Home solar is also enticing to potential buyers because of the promise of a fixed electric bill. There are also affordable solar chargers and generators available that produce solar power for less.

Contact us to see if New Jersey solar panels are a viable option for you and your family. Get a free online estimate and home solar evaluation today. Our solar panel specialists can handle all the details for you. When it comes to saving money and saving the environment, solar panels are a win-win situation.

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Solar Panels 240 Watt Sharp ND-240QCJ
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