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North Carolina Solar Rebates

Learn how to qualify for solar rebates in North Carolina to make your own power and save money on your energy costs. Get the latest facts about government programs to help you go solar including tax credits, rebates, renewable energy credits and net-metering. This is a great time to consider the benefit of solar in North Carolina. Helpful North Carolina solar rebates and solar incentives are available to greatly reduce solar installation costs. Some existing North Carolina solar rebates include a 30 percent Federal Investment Tax Credit and property tax abatement for solar PV systems.

North Carolina solar incentives include a Renewable Energy Tax Credit that can cover up to 35% of the total cost of solar panels or other renewable energy systems. This solar rebate is capped at $10,500 for residential solar installation. Net-metering is available through the state’s investor-owned utilities. If your North Carolina solar panels generate excess electricity, the net excess generation is carried over to next month’s bill. However, if any excess energy is left over at the end of the year, it’s granted to the utility company. For more information on North Carolina solar rebates and North Carolina solar incentives, contact FreeCleanSolar.com today.

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