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Pythagoras Solar Panels

Extending the advantages of BIPV, Pythagoras Solar delivers the industry first transparent, high power Photovoltaic Glass Unit (PVGU), providing Triple Value benefits in a standard insulating glass unit (IGU) form factor. The PVGU is designed to be an easily integrated component of conventional building construction, accelerating the deployment of cost-effective distributed power generation and advancing the creation of aesthetically-pleasing Net Zero Energy Buildings. Pythagoras Solar was conceived at Precede Technologies, an Israeli incubator, which teams up scientists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Their innovative product can be simply described as a solar window. It combines energy efficiency, power generation, and transparency in a standard form factor that can be easily integrated into conventional building design and construction processes to make Net Zero Buildings a wider reality.

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21W module Pythagoras Midi-PVGU-Window poly

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270W module Pythagoras Large-PVGU-Window poly

Your Price: $405.00
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