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SMX Capital Solar Panels

SMX Capital solar panels are principally offered by Solarmax Technology and other select installers. The modules may be produced by a third party and offered as a private label brand by SMX. As of 2013, the average PV system using SMX capital modules was 6.7 kW. The average installation cost $27,716, for a solar price per watt of $4.20. That is below the industry average of $4.80 per watt, and 25% more expensive than $3 per watt available from FreeCleanSolar.

SMX Capital specializes in funding renewable energy projects to promote a cleaner Earth by reducing energy consumption thru traditional power sources. Specialize in cost effective high performance alternative energy systems for consumers worldwide. Through the companys unique business model and affiliation with reputable renewable companies and government agencies, SMX Capital is a leading energy financing company servicing customers who are seeking the capital to fund their renewable projects. With robust client base, we have financed systems ranging from commercial clients, industrial clients and non-profit organizations. SMX Capital provides Individualized Financial Funding, Power Purchase Agreement contracts and legal, Solar Renewable Energy Credit Trading, U.S Federal Credit/Grant Application and certification, Renewable Project Management, System Operation and Maintenance

The country of origin is not known for SMX Solar Panels

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185W solar panels SMX Capital SMX185 monocrystalline

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230W module SMX Capital SMX230P polycrystalline

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