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Solar Pool Products

When it comes to solar for pools, there are several great options for improving the green factor of your swimming experience. The most obvious option is pool heating. Much like solar thermal systems for your domestic water use, a solar water heater can be used for solar pool heating to warm the water used in your pool.

FreeCleanSolar carries several solar pool heating systems with options for both cool and warm climates. You may also want to consider solar for your pool's circulation system. Solar pool pumps equipped with scaled-down photovoltaic panels keep the water in your pool healthy without the use of regular electricity. We offer pumps for pools of all shapes and sizes.

Finish your solar pool system with a solar shower. These convenient showers add functionality to your outdoor pool without requiring additional energy. Each of our solar systems allow you to shower poolside with sun-warmed water. Choose from a variety of styles and sizes depending on your needs.

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