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Solar Universe

Solar Universe is a franchise solar installation and finance company with solar installers in California, Hawaii, Arizona, Illinois, Maryland, Louisiana, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania. The company offers solar lease and power purchase agreement PPA.

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Reviews of Solar Universe

May 2012, I did not go with Solar Universe because my requirements, principally house electrical power, was inadequate to run the system. I had previously wasted a week's numerous efforts reviewing a contract and proposal with another firm before ending that discussion. Universe, to their credit, discussed with me at my insistence up front, the minimum qualifications and expectations of financial arrangements before wasting substantial time, and were candid in answering. The other firm never answered similar questions and only insisted on a prompt signing repeating purported 20 year unrealistic savings. While Universe may or may not meet your needs, at least you will get an honest disclosure up front and warrants your investigation.

June 2012, People think that solar lease options are "too good to be true." Before my husband and I got our solar with Solar Universe, we were one of those people. Now we know that all the benefits - financially and to the environment - are TRUE TRUE TRUE! I wish we could say that we chose solar because we wanted to go "green," but for us, this decision had to make financial sense, too (Sorry Mother Earth! This momma has a budget to meet!). Solar Universe had, by far, the best pricing available. We were able to get our solar with no money down - and we saw INSTANT savings. Based on our most recent (Minuscule!! Yay!) bill, along with evaluating last year's usage, we're expecting to see a net savings of well over $2,000 a year. The process was incredibly easy, the installation was quick and painless, the solar panels are out of sight (just the way I wanted them!) and I enjoyed every second I spent working with the Solar Universe team.

June 2011, Last summer I had more than one PGE bill of over $800 in the summer which lead me to investigate the solar option. I was curious about solar and met Brian Eisenbise through a mutual friend from my RC Club in Livermore. I initially was thinking the solar lease option, but once seeing the numbers decided on the purchase option because with purchase I can pay a little while then pay myself. With the lease option I pay forever. The experience with Solar Universe was, in a word, stellar! Brian and team were awesome at every stage of the process. Since I am a technical guy and work with a key Solar Universe vendor, I asked a lot of detailed questions about the technology and application. Brian took me through everything in a very patient and unhurried way always providing the information I needed to get comfortable and to make a decision. The install was completed in about 3 days and they flipped the switch yesterday on 25 panels with Enphase M215 micro inverters. Once the system was turned on, my meter immediately started running backwards and after 24hrs my meter is reading less than it was at turn on time by 17kwh. Just in time for the 100 deg temps expected this weekend. I got quotes from three different solar vendors and Solar Universe came in the best on price and value. In hindsight I cannot imagine a process going smoother or more satisfying. It was the best process I have ever seen which is a huge credit to the Solar Universe Networks Team.

May 2011, After a lengthy search and research process of solar installers I chose Solar Universe because of their personal service and integrity. During our selection process Kent Steele was very professional and he took what ever time was necessary to answer all our questions. The project was managed my Chris Moody, Deb Puku and Josh Hirshberg. Due to the timing of the project we were on a tight timeline to complete installation before the end of the year in order to get the tax incentives with the upcoming tax return. Josh and his team kept us informed every step of the way during the installation and through the final inspections, which all passed the first time. Chris, Deb and Kent were always available to answer questions during the installation and their help with all the paper work necessary to receive the rebates, tax credits and new PG&E meters was outstanding. We are 100% satisfied with our solar system and we recommend Solar Universe to all our friends who express an interest in going solar.

August 2011, We used solar universe for our system that was installed in June 2009 . The system is too small for our home and pool. We have contacted the company and were told that we needed a larger system. Because the company did not have a qualified engineer to size our system properly we did not get the energy savings promised.. The company came out several times and said they were going to make our system right at no additional cost to us, that just has not happened. We were told our PG & E bill would be negative $20 instead it is $100 per month, lower than before adding solar but not near the estimate we had in writing. I would be very careful when dealing with the Corporate office of this company they do not stand behind their word and we have not had any resolution in this matter.

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